Let´s try again

I really want to get back to writing on here again.  I think I am getting too bogged down in everything I haven´t written about and trying to get up to date and it is totally stifling me.  Starting over seems like a good idea full stop.  I never meant this blog to be only about ‘my cancer journey’ and really I have little more to say on that subject now. It happened but it is really not something that occupies much of my thoughts any more.  Not to say things don’t or won’t come up but it is not at the forefront of my mind by a long shot.

Lately I am much more occupied with how to improve my children’s english, or getting better eating habits and working more exercise into my day. Making time to be lazy and watch tv and crochet between all the work and school and after school activity runs (hah!). Wondering if this will be a good year for work, will we ever buy our own home?? These are the things I think about. Not my mortality or treatments or all that shit. I am firmly back in the superficial and frivolous. It is so nice to be home.





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