I really want to do the blogging thing. But I have work. And two extremely active children with a social calendar better than mine ever was even at the peak of my uni partying days.  My house seems to constantly need tidying just so we can walk through rooms without breaking our necks and WHY is there always so much goddamn laundry?!   I am trying to get in daily exercise and fuck me if that doesnt take up time. Out of every. Single. Day. (Go figure) And I am on a mission to finish this crocheted swan if it kills me.  This might sound cryptic so at some point I will try to blog about it. But right now I have 15 more rows of back feathers and about 20 rows of chest feathers to do.

I have 23 drafts sitting in the folder. 23 posts I have never got around to finishing because I got interrupted or distracted.  Things I wanted to write about and never did:

– our amazing summer holiday in the north of spain

– christmas trips to london

– becoming partner in the company I work for

– latest scans and tests all clear (woot!)

– body image changes after cancer treatment (ongoing but working on it)

– related to above: diet and exercise – see bbg from http://www.kaylaitsines.com

– progress after ileostomy reversal (in case it helps anyone else to know how its gone)

– what the fuck is going on with my hormones??!

Sometime I don’t post because I don’t have time to find a photo and it seems like an unwritten rule that all posts need a photo.  So damn it I am posting this now. Good, bad, boring or not. It’s 0830. At 0900 I need to start my exercise so i can finish and be showered by 1000 because we have an excursion with friends today. I’ll get pictures.


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