Post surgery update: 1 month on

Current mood: bummed

So I was going to write this last week as I hit the 4 week post surgery mark and if I had you would have seen the wound healing well.  Well I didn’t and a few hours after seeing my surgeon for my check up it started looking red: 

(Bruising on the right from injections which have thankfully now finished)

Wound still looking a bit scabby but not too much and you can see it looking a wee bit red. How crazy that I STILL have the flange mark?!  I totally did not expect that to linger so long but it is fading, just really slowly.  Now it looks like this:

Owwwww! And it hurts! The problem is coming from a couple of stitches that haven’t dissolved, I can see them. My neighbour and friend is a nurse so yesterday I asked her to try and pull them out and she did but there is obviously still a knot because they wouldn’t come. They did however break a bit so now I can’t see them. 

I have been given antibiotics and the GP told me to wait til they reappear and then go to the hospital to have them removed. Seems a bit silly to wait seeing as I KNOW they are right there. Why wait for them to flare up again down the road just get them out!! Totally bummed that what was shaping up to be a small and tidy scar might be affected if they have to dig around for those fiddly bits of stitches. 

Bummed. And annoyed. 


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