Summer is here..

Its been a busy couple of weeks. Summer is almost on us. We changed to our light spring duvet this week and we are moulting layers of clothes  like crazy.  At this time of year our house and garden really earns its keep. In winter we barely venture onto the patio, the winter sun hardly limping above the buildings opposite for long enough to warm even a small corner of it. So it spends the winter months abandoned in damp shadows.  But now. Now the mid morning sun creeps across the table outside and we eat more days out than in.  The kids can be obliged to sit and ‘relax’ for about half an hour after lunch before their ears prick with the sound of neighbouring kids outside and they rush out the door, their shouts of pleasecanweswimmumpleasepleasethankyou trailing behind them.  On these days it feels like picture perfect family life.   Less of the endless tidying and laundry and other chores, rushing between activities and refereeing fights and more pottering around doing my thing, them outside doing their own thing.  Long afternoons laying on the grass watching them jump in the pool again and again ‘mum watch this one’ ‘mummy mummy watch me, watch me’ and timing races around the water’s edge.   This blissful co-existence, so far from the intense dependancy of the baby years, as beautiful as those years also are, is absolutely my happy place in this parenting journey. 

 I have been taking it easy since the surgery but have had a few good reasons to leave the house as extra-curricular activities start wrapping up and have their end of year celebrations.  Last week we had a father-son football match.  The boys usually play 4 x 10 minute quarters in their league matches but they played 2 x 35 minute halves in this one and I am not sure who was more wrung out at the end, dads or kids!  For the record, the boys won but the Dads took it surprisingly seriously and gave them a good run for their money. 

Then there has been end of course meals and get togethers all the usual events that usher in the end of the school year.  15 days of school left. I always feel excited about school ending for the summer.  It reminds me of being a kid – the promise of sun and sea and fun stretching out before me like an infinite world of possibilities, september a vague notion like promises of ‘when you are older’.  I am excited for summer. I will be complaining about the heat and bored children in no time, like everyone else, but it has been a long, rubbish year, and I was so weak and unwell last summer that I can’t wait to run into the surf with my boys, spend afternoons helping them clambour onto bodyboards or over rocks, afternoon ‘quiet times’ of crafts that create more mess (and stress?) than works of art. 

To which end: today’s outing – first beach day woooo!

In ostomy reversal recovery news the bullethole is slowly healing and everything is going really well. Looks like the flange really stained my skin though as I really would have thought the mark it left would have faded by now (2 weeks later):

Shame they couldn’t site the ostomy just a couple of inches lower and save me laser removal on the little tat I got when I was 18  but I kind of like these two marks, twenty years apart,  right next to each other. The tattoo is small and cheesy but it has always reminded me of who and where I was when I got it and my scar will do the same.   Lets hear it for strong bodies with marks that tell tales of loves lost and battles won!


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