Crochet bikini WIP

I have felt a bit at a loss since I finished the fox head.  The lighter and warmer evenings don’t inspire me towards making blankets and I don’t have any birthdays coming up to make presents for.  I am still involved in Amazing Breastforms and have sent out two orders already as an approved volunteer.  You can find out more about how this wonderful cause is giving curves back to women who have lost their breast(s) through breast cancer here but apart from that I have nothing on the go and am a bit itchy for a new project. 

When a friend saw me making a breastform she joked that I should make bikinis and sell them. I don’t  really have any inclination to try to make money over something I enjoy so much, I feel like it would turn it into a chore. But I liked the idea of making a bikini so decided to give it a whirl:

And I love it!  It would make a great summer bra aswell.  I want to play around with different designs and colours.. Here are some of the designs on pinterest that caught my eye:

For anyone wanting to give it a whirl I used a 2.5 needle and schachenmayer catania 100% cotton and did the following:

Hdc=half double crochet

Sc = single crochet

Ch 18, hdc in 3rd ch from hook then hdc in the next 14 ch. 3 hdc in the next ch then hdc in the next 15 hdc. turn
Ch2, hdc in next 15, 2hdc in next hdc, 3 hdc in next stitch, 2hdc in next stitch then hdc in next 15hdc. Turn 

Ch2, hdc in next 17 stitches, 2hdc in next stitch, 3hdc in next stitch, 2hdc in next stitch then one hdc in each of next 17 stitches. Turn

Continue until you get to 35 stitches plus 2hdc then 3hdc/2hdc/35hdc. 

To do trim around sides:

Chain 3, skip a stitch then 1dc, 1ch, skip stitch all the way around. 

Along the bottom:

Chain 2 skip 2 stitches 1sc in next stitch, repeat to end. 

Go back around trim:

2sc in each space of previous row all the way around. 

The ties are just chains and then one row of single crochet back along. I did about 300 chains for the back tie and 100 for each of the shoulder ties though this was a bit tight so could be a bit longer. 

Now I am having a think about how I want to do the bottoms…


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