An Ode…

Sunlight, bird call, wake me up at crack of dawn

School day, can’t wake, can’t speak only yawn

A short ode to the marvel of sleeping late on school morning Hahaha what an inspired poet! It is a weekly miracle. This ability to wake early, happy and cheery, full of the endless possibilities of weekend followed surely and swiftly by the grumpy monday morning would-be lie-in.  

How different Mondays are since having kids. I adore my children (kids I really do, more than life itself) and love the time we spend together. But BUT. After the intensive family-time weekend I go to work on Monday full of my own endless possibilities of cups of tea in silence. Time to check mails or catch up on errands that were too boring to drag the kids on. A quick coffee with friends and colleagues. Chat that isn’t interrupted a million times to feed, water, wipe, calm, comfort and referee. Time to be me, not mummy. 

 I am sorry for all the times I cursed and dreaded you. Failed to appreciate your own unique beauty. I love you, Monday.


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