Fox head – finished! Well, it needs the hanging loop and whiskers but pretty much there. I love it, will be sad to give it away but he will make a wonderful present. Am really proud of it and can’t wait to try out another one.  Cannot recommend Vanessa Mooncie enough, I was not at all sure I had the skills to take this on but on the few bits I got stuck on, she was really easy to contact and super ready to help out with pointers which really impressed me.  

I have been quiet around here for a few weeks. I had my last chemo session and finished the last round of pills and after I got through that, life just got busy. The island has really felt like it is waking up from winter in the last few weeks. Days getting longer, warmer weather, more work. Our, and many of our friends’, work is very seasonal and in spring through autumn we work, and socialise, a lot. When winter comes we are worn out and tend to turn inwards and hunker down and lead very quiet lives. School, house, hobbies, family, little else. 

In Spring work starts trickling in, we start seeing more people (apart from other parents at the park) we have the doors and windows open more (all the time!), hearing birds singing in the garden, the kids outside infinitely more than not. We have a communal garden surrounded on all sides by the houses in our complex, no access to the street, so the kids eat lunch and run outside to meet their friends and play until bedtime.  Parental nirvana hahaha. 

 I love spring every year but especially THIS year, after 9 months of treatments and sickness and hospital and bed, sofa and jammies we have literally thrown open the windows and doors and a giant breath of fresh air has swept through.  Bliss. 


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