Easter Holiday Round Up

So we are nearly at the end of the Easter holidays and we have been BUSY!

We went to the annual easter fair and rode loads of rides.

and got headaches..
We ate candy floss:

and got really sticky

really, really sticky
It was the first time we have done the fair and not had one too small, or one too scared, to go on the rides we wanted to go on and it was SO NICE to not have to negotiate or commiserate or console, we didn’t even have the mandatory fights over how much is reasonable to spend on rubbish fair ‘win a prize’ games (me: 0€ the kids: however much is needed to win the prize they want).  Even the moaning at home time was minimal and quickly forgotten. It was perfect.

The next day we went to a Port village near us,  you get there on an old style train with wooden carriages and then get an old wooden tram to the port. No pictures of train or tram as they were pretty jam packed and keeping hold of kids who wanted to stand outside took priority.  It makes a pretty easy day trip as the trip there and back is the biggest part for them at least.  Sandwiched in between is coffee in the square before catching the tram then picnic lunch on the beach followed by some paddling and rock climbing.   Due to my ‘delicate state’ (snicker) I still get away with lounging around while my poor long suffering H tries to stop them killing themselves (success!) and getting wet (fail!).  Then ice creams and home. What’s not to love.


Day 3 was a quick morning excursion up a hill behind our house (look at that sky. Sigh) with some friends and lots of kids.     Followed by a family lunch.. 
Which I have mentioned before is never a small affair…   

(this was just the adults´table)

We went to see H finish his marathon 

And hunted for easter eggs:


Went on ANOTHER excursion to this amazing beach:   
We crammed it all in because the last few days the boys have had easter sports camps and I also had my last IV session! Woot!  I was determined to get some mileage out of that first long weekend of the holidays and I think we managed it.

Right now I am on day 3 post chemo and feeling quite rubbish but in another day or two I will be coming out the other side and in another 10 days I finish the rest of the medication. I feel like I should have something more momentous to say about that but, well, I guess I will wait until I get there and see how I actually feel about it all.  Right now I feel like… SLEEP!

All is very well with the world.


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