Spring is everywhere

Winter has not decided to join us so far this year.  We have had about 3 days of rain in as many months and the temperatures have generally hovered around 20 degrees (C).  This is stressing a lot of people out but I am loving it.  In the last couple of days we have had a sudden drop and there was even a hint of snow on the mountains so maybe it will arrive after all.  In the meantime we are making the most of the weather with lots of weekend meals with friends out in the open air and scenery like this:


Big meals with lots of family, friends, and lots of kids, is a big part of our life.  Almost every weekend there will be at least one get-together.  For years and years we ate lunch every saturday with H´s family.  This was his mum, his aunt, his brothers and sisters, spouses, kids and also a cousin and her family.  This was the core group and came to about 20 people.  In a fairly small flat with kids (and adults) shouting and screaming.  It got pretty crazy.  My feelings about these gatherings has changed a lot over the years, the obligation and madness weighed heavy on me sometimes before we had kids.  But once we had one, and then two, they took on a whole new meaning.  A very central part of our week. Sadly his Aunt died in 2014 and then after his Mum died in 2015 we lost the central meeting place and they have become more bi-monthly then weekly.  I find I miss it a lot, I guess a lot of that is also the significance of WHY things have changed, losing two such central figures in the family, or just change in general.  BUT it does free us up a lot more and makes way for MORE MEALS with other people!

This weekend past we got together with some friends at their house in the country and enjoyed ´Arroz Brut´ – Dirty Rice – cooked over a log fire.  It is a lot tastier than it sounds, or looks but you might have to just trust me on that.


This is an aspect I adore about life here.  Lots of time with friends and family.  Lots of food and drink and noise and time outdoors for the kids, playing in the dirt, hiding away from prying eyes and making potions and secret recipes with whatever they could find while the grown ups talk and laugh and gossip.



How disgusting? They were having the time of their lives, left to their own devices.


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