I reckon pictures of Birdie are okay…she doesn’t mind

I am planning to stay in bed as long as possible today. I had chemo yesterday and feel like it is the best place to be. I did drag myself out of bed to help get the kids off to school and spent a good 30 minutes trying to encourage the 8 year old’s mop into some semblance of a ducktail.  Glad not to have girls! Going through hairdo torture every morning like I used to – ack! It all came out well though and he went off happy. Wish I could say the same of his brother but he had his nose right out of joint being made to wear his outfit (dictated by school). Luckily I am told that as soon as he saw his friends all dressed the same he was all happiness and light again. Mercurial child.

I would love to post pics of them. They are so gorgeous but I am still wrestling with how much I want to share on here, some people blog pictures of their kids, some try to minimise identification as much as possible. Of course anyone who knows me would be able to identify me from what I have written so far, I am sure, but do I want to put photos up? Names?

I know that the blogs I love do show photos of their life, home, family and that is a big part of what draws me in and makes me feel attached to them, involved in their lives even.  But do I want that? Do I want more likes, more follows? To what end? Or do I just want a space to write down my thoughts and if I get some interaction, great, if not, no matter?

What do you do? What made you come to that decision?


One thought on “Sharing

  1. So that’s the Birdie!
    I recently read on a blog — a German handicrafter who has been blogging for about 8 years now — that it is possible to be personal and private at the same time. Her litmus test is whether she would share with a random stranger on the street that which she is sharing on her blog.
    Other friends of mine who share pictures of their children keep their blogs password-protected or off search engines. But as I was once asked: if no one reads your blog, is it still a blog? Happy figuring it all out 😉

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